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From humble beginnings do little acorns grow. Thats another reason why we use the trees all across the website because we like that quote, plus it fits with what we're about. Engagement Bods are here to help websites grow their conversions (just like a tree) without necessarily having to increase the traffic. Reviews, testimonials and case studies have been done to death (You still need them though). Unless somebody is at the buying point already there is a possibility, they will be blind to them.

For this reason, we wanted something that jumped out at users. Something they couldn't miss. This is where our pop-up strategy was born. By putting REAL LIVE conversions, traffic levels, engagement notifications (and more) in front of people's eyes right at the point when they are at a possible decision-making crossroad, we increase the chances of them going down the conversion route instead of coming back later (or not at all).

We Want To Change The World For The Better

Thats a bold statement we know (and not entirely true). Social proofing is not a new concept it has been used throughout the ages in all shapes and forms and in today's market is used more than ever. Our viewpoint is that there are still millions of websites not using it to their advantage so there is room for another business to enter the market.

As a business we really did want to do something good for the world too so decided plant one tree for every paid sign up we get. So not only will you increase your sales significantly by signing up, you will also help to save the planet by increasing the oxygen levels. We will periodically publish figures on this.

We Don't Want To Stop There Either

Its not just the planet we want to help either it's you, our customers. Our goal is to get as many users on our platform as possible. Provide the best experience and most efficient service that really helps businesses grow. Which is why we have decided we will reduce the price for all clients new and old for every 1000 paid sign ups we receive. Another incentive to sign up.

Natali, Life Choice Legal

My website was never the primary source of enquiries for my business despite it getting a reasonable amount of traffic and pulling in the odd enquiry here and there. I decided I wanted to expand my revenue stream so started looking into ways to increase my web enquiries without having to pay an agency to SEO my site for me.

As my traffic was OK I just needed more online enquires. Thats when I saw Engagement Bods. The price was good and seemed simple enough to set up. Am I glad I did. From day one of putting the pop ups live I started seeing my online conversions rise. I went from getting 2 or 3 enquires a month to more than 12. That might not seem like a lot but is four times what I was getting before.

Those extra enquiries have allowed me to look at increasing my traffic and now my website is my biggest source of enquiries.



From day one of putting the pop up live I started seeing my online conversions rise